I can teach anyone how to

think more flexibly.

Unlock the right side of your brain, and change your life.

Our society has always over-valued analytical, left-brain thinking, and the advent of smartphones has made us more logic-based than ever, but history and science tell the story:  all of humanity's greatest philosophers, thinkers, inventors, and artists were whole-brain thinkers!  


The general importance of the right-side of the brain has been underestimated for generations, but there is a shift happening.  In every facet of global life and work, preserving and encouraging creativity, empathy, innovation and beauty (images) have never been more important.  These are all r-mode (right brain) functions...functions that a computer cannot perform.  These skills are uniquely human, and some economists predict they will be highly sought after in the near future.  


But there's more: exercising the right-side of the brain can be compared to meditation, and can actually contribute to increased well being!  


When you engage the right-hemisphere of the brain using my simple techniques, you are engaged in Whole Brain Synchronization.  You are literally using your whole brain, and it just feels good.  If you do it all the time, you would basically be rewiring your brain for the better, and who knows what could happen next.  You might just level-up and do your best work.


I can help to unlock that elusive right-side in my one or two day Right Brain Boot Camp workshop.

"A Meditative Workshop


Whether in large groups, or one-on-one, I use proven techniques that I've 

learned and developed over 30 years as an artist, and 15 years as an art educator.

 These tricks work to loosen up the right side of the brain, helping you to think

more flexibly, more spontaneously, more creatively.  


My techniques and exercises allow a person to shift from left-mode thinking, to r-mode -the creative mode.  The experience is similar to meditation, and the result is a real, gradual rewiring of your brain.  To the degree that they are practiced, these techniques can improve your work performance, or improve your life.   

Now booking for 2020.  

Available for workshops/seminars/small and large groups/private instruction. 

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