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How to Grow and Succeed

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

There is a way to be more creative, more spontaneous, more innovative, more fun, more empathetic, maybe even happier. Period. I'll tell you how at the end of this short blog post. Please keep reading. I'll keep it brief.

"Whoever fails to work untiringly and does not continuously fight against

sinking, will surely go under."


Every business, every organization, every family, every person must innovate. This is how growth happens. This is how success happens. This is how self-actualization happens.

But growth will always be hard to come by when we apply the same old, often times unconscious ways of thinking. The over-analyzing, self-defeating methods...born from the overused, logic-side of our brain....can't produce ideas and innovation. In order to see the changes we want to see (in ourselves, in our relationships, in our job performance) we need another approach.

The right-side of the brain doesn't just concern artists, entrepreneurs, musicians and innovators. We all have this creative side of our brain, but society teaches us to under-utilize it, and that is to our deep detriment. By using very simple techniques, anyone can learn to unlock this elusive and important creative side, and apply the deep benefits -including better well-being- to life and business.

So unlocking the right-side of the brain takes me back to the first paragraph. How to be more creative, spontaneous, innovative....etc? By practicing right-brain activities, and getting into a flow state everyday. If you're really curious and committed, you could easily do more research on Google, and quickly begin working on these activities yourself, or you can hire me and tap into my 15 years of experience teaching people how to shift into more creativity.

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